Oil Heating

Often the first choice where gas is not available or where there is a preference or particular boiler of choice.

Since 2007 is has been necessary to install Condensing Boilers which might also be Combination boilers which take away the need for a hot water tank.  The combination boiler can save space in ‘airing cupboards’ and lofts, where a cold water tank is no longer required. Freeing up this space is a small bonus of the system which is available in both gas and oil fired systems.

You will need an oil tank upon which there are strict guidelines for positioning.  We are happy to explain the regulations and help with the positioning of a new tank.  The restrictions on an older tank are not as great and again we will be happy to explain this.

Oil is available from many suppliers and it is good to shop around for the best prices, look for neighbourhood schemes which might offer a discount or arrange a monthly debit thus spreading the cost of regular supplies.

It is possible to position the boiler outside again allowing for extra space elsewhere in the property.

If you need advice about oil fired heating systems or are looking for someone to service or repair your existing system, please call 01926 429109 or use our contact page.