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Central Heating Systems:

The most popular heating systems in the UK are generally referred to as central heating systems, where a boiler supplies hot water to radiators distributed through the home. The boilers are generally fired by natural gas, bottle gas, oil, coal or wood, all fossil fuels. Of these, natural gas is probably the most cost effective but this efficiency can depend upon the age and type of boiler. It is important to check that your boiler is supplying heat in the most cost effective way and that might start with regular servicing and replacement of faulty parts, or even a new boiler, especially if the old one was installed before 2007.

Combination boilers provide hot water on demand as well as heating and therefore it is possible to free up space in your home if you currently have a hot water tank with immersion heater. It will also provide cheaper hot water as it is only produced when necessary and it is not necessary to maintain heat in a tank or heat the tank from cold.

In areas where natural gas is not available then a viable alternative has to be considered. We are happy to explain what methods are available, provide quotations and carry out the work.

It may possible or desirable to switch to a more efficient system and in this site we will discuss some of the alternatives.

The main sources of providing heating and hot water:

  • Solar heating.
  • Wood heating.
  • Heat pump
  • Natural gas heating.
  • Oil heating.
  • Electric heating.

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